Meet Anders


Anders is the creative director of Agency Republic ( miss you guys! )

You can read an interview from the swedish digital guru here.



This is Tom. Tom is a very clever chap who’s now worn the waistcoat.

This is Andrew he’s our new uber technology guru at work.

doctor who n the adventures of the viral waistcoat

doctor who n the adventures of the viral waistcoat

On a train to Brizzle, UK, we spotted sylvester Mccoy. For those of you who didn’t foll The Who back in the day, Sylvestor was one of the timelords that travelled in the famous tardis as Dr.Who.

Mr.Mccoy was very cool, he threw a gang sign and wore a RUN DMC style leather hat.

Here he is in the title series from 1987.

Hello I’m a Mac

And I’m a PC

And we both agree the Viral Waistcoat is cool.

This man is a great editor. Just don’t try and see what’s in his cupboard or he may eat your fingers.

This bashful dude above was working in a bar in Silverlake called the Hyperion Avenue Tavern.

So instead of karaoke, kids play Rock Band on a little stage with a screen projecting the game behind them. It was like watching a real band – some of these kids were ‘fully sick’ and some looked like zombies.

This guy in the waistcoat was pretty damn rad also…