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This is Jay. He’s about to embark on a massive adventure. He’s off to burning man. He’s been given the Viral Waistcoat after a 4 year absence. His mission is to get as many leather boobs and dreadlocked trustafarians in the viral waistcoat. Watch this space. Well Blog really

Thanks to Niki n Nath the VW went on a Harley Davidson Trike tour round Sydney. Vrrrrrrrooooooommmmmmm!

The singing isn’t bad either. Go MINUS CIRCUS Go!

A good friend of mine Gerry AKA, Minus circus. Has taken the waistcoat to Dublin.In the meantime we have replaced him with a sack of spuds. Special all singing all dancing CSS coding spuds. PLUGS:

This is Tammer. He’s just moved here from the USA. He has almost as many tattoos as the girl he’s with here.

Brand Stalker


This is Jimmy. He’s a young gun that hunts brands, or rather he stalks them. He also looks good in the waistcoat which is an achievement in itself.



Cuz #1 cuz#2