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Hooray for the internet. A small package arrived a few days ago with an aussie postal mark on it. To my delight I opened it up and there she was – The waistcoat is back! Tim if you’re reading this I owe you a beer.

…turns out its a counterfit. If you have any information leading to the capture of the actual Viral Waistcoat please email

I’ve just recieved word from a man in India that he may know the whereabouts of the Viral Waistcoat. God bless the internet. Stay Tuned

So i’ve started my new campaign to find the missing Viral Waistcoat. You can help by downloading a poster and printing it out.

In case you missed my shambollic powerpoint skills and awfully nasal voice at this years Interesting South  conference.



So Facebook shut me down presumably becuase I didn’t use my real name. Fun crushers.