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The waistcoat is still missing in action. If you have it or have seen it please email me: Last heard it was seen leaving the interesting south conference on route to asia.

As guardian of the viral waistcoat, I gave a 5 min talk. It was fun and I didn’t vomit on my shoes which was my main concern as I was very nervous. All the other speakers we’re fully awesome! Thanks to all who came and listened/spoke/organized the event. ALSO! Someone left with the waistcoat last […]

Cute dowg.

So the Viral Waistcoat now has a fancy QR code stuck on it. Above is the actual QR if you’re reading this in Japan it probably all makes sense. If you’re wondernig what the hell a QR code is …this should explain it… Also someone has invited me into the QR pool on flickr…

I will be doing a five minute presentation at this years INTERESTING SOUTH. I’m very excited about this and this weekend I’m trying to cram in as much information as I can into the time-slot. For more information about the event check out the Facebook Group