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Blind date


This is Ian. Ian emailed and offered to take the viral waistcoat out for lunch Turns out, Ian is really quite interesting. He’s involved in INTERESTING SOUTH  And he’s involved in the Cool Hunter. He’s also involved in Pure Profile. Now he’s involved in the viral waistcoat. Thanks Ian.

The best party I’ve ever been to in Sydney. The cops we’re called after someone urinated on the nextdoor neighboor. Of course the waistcoat had a great time and made loads of new friends including Gyton Grantley..Star of Channel Nine’s Underbelly new drama show which I’ve been working on promoting online!

I couldn’t have predicted that the Viral Waistcoat would cause so much trouble. The blond in the photo above was removed from a party the other week for exposing her breasts whilst wearing the waistcoat. I didn’t want to lower the tone of the waistcoat by showing her with her tits out because I fear […]